I met Amy & Carson for the first time at their engagement session at Wrightsville Beach – where we had like 100 problems all at once (parking issues, trying to pick a new spot on the fly, dealing with the insane wind) – and it just proved how easy these two are to work with!! I instantly loved how laid back they are because they were just able to go with the flow while we changed our initial plan and they had NO worries whatsoever and totally trusted me. But my favorite thing about them was how FUN they are – seriously they just made me laugh the whole time and I couldn’t get over how goofy they were, in the best way. So of course I had to include some of our funny photos on this blog post, too. I think my favorite one is where Amy is holding Carson in the air. You’ll see. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR WEDDING!!!! We’re going to have a blast.

– Allison