Bridal portraits were not something that I had ever done when I was living in Ohio and photographing weddings. I moved to the South and discovered the popular demand for a photo shoot like this. Not only did the practice of bridal portraits start in the South, but down here it has evolved into more than just a fun keepsake. It’s a family tradition. Typically, the bride’s mother had her portraits done, and her mother before her did as well.

The other benefit to doing a session like this before the wedding day is that it really gives you a chance to see how you’re going to look in photographs on your wedding day. I once had a bride who did her bridal portraits with me and realized the felt that her makeup wasn’t just right, and it gave her to chance to adjust that before the big day. It’s also a day that is JUST about the bride and it’s a fun and relaxing way to make sure we get plenty of photos of just her, instead of trying to squeeze these in on the busy wedding day.

The only thing I don’t like about bridal portraits is that I CAN’T SHARE ANY UNTIL THE WEDDING! It is SO hard to do a great photo shoot with a beautiful bride and then not get to share anything online. We did Ashley’s photos all the way back in February and now that her wedding is over, I can finally show you! We didn’t have ideal weather, but you know what? We made the best of it, we got plenty of photos indoors at Ironclad Brewery – talk about an industrial dream venue – and then between rain showers we were able to walk around outside of the brewery to get a few more. There may have even been a little run in with a One Tree Hill star! Something I know BOTH of us will never forget! Okay, enough rambling, go look at how beautiful Ashley is!!!

– Allison

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