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Athens, Greece | Travel Photography

The world is a much bigger place than the city you live in. Nothing makes me happier than packing up my essentials in a carry-on sized suitcase and heading to a new and incredible destination. I want to go everywhere. I want to experience every culture. I made a goal to visit a new country Read More

Downtown Wilmington Riverwalk Engagement Photography | Dottie & Jeremy

I think one of the best things about photographing in Downtown Wilmington is the variety of background options. You can walk two blocks and have two completely different kinds of environments. You can get some beautiful city images, some gorgeous historic houses covered in overflowing greenery, and walk down the Riverwalk for some water views. Read More

Brooklyn Arts Center Wedding Photography | Jordan & Bo

Sometimes you get lucky and you move to a new state and you don’t know a single person and you end up making friends with your photography clients. Sometimes you REALLY luck out and they turn into some of your best friends. That’s what happened with Jordan and Bo. These two are so fun and Read More