7 Ways to Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera | Posing for Professional Photos

One of the most common things I’m told as we start a photo session is that they’ve never done this before and they’re going to need my help with posing. Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s why you hired a professional! No matter if it’s your first time in front of a camera or your Read More

Dockside Intracoastal Waterway Engagement Photos | Hannah & Jacob

I think one of my favorite parts about living in Wilmington now is photographing in new places with new clients who turn into friends. I met Hannah when she was a bridesmaid in Mary & Ben’s wedding back in October, and I was so happy when she asked me to take their engagement photos while they Read More

Wrightsville Beach & Fort Fisher Wedding Photography | Kristin & John

As a wedding photographer, you go into every wedding feeling the same thing: excited to start the day and hopeful that everything goes smoothly. But when it’s above and beyond what you could’ve hoped for, you really know you’re lucky. Kristin and John got married in a beautiful church along the coast at Wrightsville Beach. The Read More

Don’t Let Pinterest Shot Lists Get in the Way of Capturing Candid Wedding Photos

We’re all guilty of it, let’s just admit it now. Pinterest has become a huge part in planning a wedding day. I think it can be an absolute gift sometimes, that something like Pinterest exists. However, it can also be the bane of a wedding photographer’s existence. I can’t tell you how many times in Read More